Return Policies



Online Purchases:  TLEE Gallery understands that Art purchased online may look different in your space than you expected. You may return Art purchased through provided you comply with the following conditions:

  1. contact TLEE Gallery by phone or email to discuss the return in advance of shipping it;
  2. ship the return within 5 days of receipt;
  3. ensure TLEE Gallery is required to sign for receipt of the returned Art;
  4. make certain the returned Art is securely wrapped in its original packaging and in the original condition; and
  5. ship the returned Art to TLEE Gallery your own risk and cost.
  • If TLEE Gallery receives the returned Art and determines the conditions above have all been met, Buyer will be refunded the purchase price and tax on the purchase price, within 5 business days. The original shipping fee and taxes related to the shipping, will not be refunded.
  • If TLEE Gallery receives the returned Art and determines the conditions above have not been met, TLEE Gallery will not accept the return and no refund will be provided. Buyer will have the option of paying to have the Art shipped back to the Buyer, as-is. The cost for reshipping the item to the Buyer will be a $15 handling fee, plus the original cost of shipping, plus 7.95% tax. If the customer does not remit this fee (via cash or credit card) to TLEE Gallery within 10 business days of being notified at the Buyer’s email address listed on the Bill of Sale that TLEE Gallery does not accept the return, the Art shall be deemed “abandoned” by the customer, and ownership of the Art will revert back to TLEE Gallery. In other words, by failing to pay for re-shipping within 10-days, Buyer will give up any and all rights to the Art.

Receipt of Damaged Art: If TLEE Gallery ships Art to you and it arrives damaged, you may return it to TLEE Gallery, if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The damage must be substantial enough that a reasonable person would require a refund;
  2. The damage must be substantial enough that a minor repair ($10 in supplies or less) could not fix the damage;
  3. The damage must have occurred prior to the Buyer handling the Art;
  4. The Buyer must contact the gallery to discuss the damage and email a photo or a video that clearly depicts the damage to within 48 hours of receipt of the damaged Art.

If the above requirements above have been met, as determined by TLEE Gallery, TLEE Gallery will provide instruction to the Buyer on how to ship the item back to TLEE Gallery, and may provide the Buyer with a prepaid shipping label or request use of a specific carrier. The Buyer must ensure the returned Art is securely wrapped, shipped in accordance with the instructions provided by TLEE Gallery, and that a signature is required to sign for receipt of the return.  Art must be shipped to TLEE Gallery within 5 days of receipt.

If TLEE Gallery determines that the requirements above have not been met, no refund will be issued.  If a simple repair is all that is required, TLEE Gallery will provide instruction to the Buyer.

Seller Warranties and Representations

TLEE Gallery and Studio retains title and ownership of the Art until payment by the Buyer is made in full. All risk of loss, regardless of cause, passes to Buyer upon receipt of the Art. Art is transferred to Buyer “as is” and TLEE Gallery and Studio makes no representations or warranties with respect to the Art, whether express or implied, other than that the Art is original and was created by Tina Lee. Once in the possession of the Buyer, any and all breakage, deterioration, or damage to the Art, frame, or hanging mechanism, is the Buyer’s responsibility. Art is meant for display only, and is not intended to be played with or “used.” Applying moisture and/or cleanser to Art may damage it: ART AND HOUSEHOLD CLEANSERS DO NOT MIX.

Buyer Acknowledgements

When you purchase Art from TLEE Gallery, you agree for yourself, as well has your heirs, personal representatives, assigns, and any and all persons who may come into contact with the Art after you purchase it, to defend, hold harmless, indemnify and release, TLEE Gallery and Studio, its owner, employees, & agents, from and against any & all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action of any sort.


Please call Tina at (602) 920-6542 or email if you have any questions.


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